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Legal Representation for Automobile Accidents in New Brunswick

Automobile accidents can be an emotional, physical as well as a financial burden. During this troubling time, you may find yourself confused when it comes to insurance claims. Our team at Bossé Viola LeBlanc has dealt with numerous cases of automobile accidents in New Brunswick. We’ll ensure that you receive the right compensation to help your recovery process.

Insurance Claims

Insurance adjusters may suggest that you’ve simply suffered a minor personal injury that is subject to a cap of either $2,500 or $7,500 (depending of the date on which the accident occurred). They may also claim that contacting a lawyer will cost you money, and that such a consultation will simply reduce the money that they are offering you at that moment. It is important to note that this so-called cap may not be applicable to your case. You need a lawyer that you can trust to ensure that you’re not cheated out of your rightful compensation.

Free Initial Consultation

The law covering insurance and personal injury compensation is complex and vast, and your overall claim is not necessarily limited to damages for pain and suffering. In order to find out if you qualify for other types of damages, and before you even consider settling your claim, contact us. Your initial consultation with us is free.

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