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Settlements for Catastrophic Injuries in New Brunswick

A catastrophic injury usually occurs without warning and can leave a person suffering from permanent disabilities for the rest of his/her life. In such cases, not only you, but your family also suffers greatly since you may need constant supervision or assistance. Medical and rehabilitation bills can be a burden for anyone. At Bossé Viola LeBlanc, our team will ensure that you and your family are compensated for your loss in cases of catastrophic injuries in New Brunswick caused by others’ negligence.

The Right Legal Representation

A personal injury claim by the victim can determine the kind of medical care and support he/she will be entitled to in order to live a better, comfortable life. Because a catastrophic injury comes with huge financial implications, it is important to determine the value of a personal injury claim. A catastrophic injury lawyer can help you in recovering the compensation for loss of wages, medical bills and much more.

We’re Here to Help

Our team at Bossé Viola LeBlanc has experience in assisting victims and their families who have sustained some of the most catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations and fractures. Our lawyers have been involved in resolving some of the biggest personal injury actions in New Brunswick. The road to recovery may be long, and you will need experienced professionals to satisfactorily reach the end. Call us today.

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